The Holy Grail of Renewable Energy

210 MW of wind energy, 20 MW of thin-film solar, 20 MW of battery frequency regulation — Oh My!  I was very fortunate to get a 2-h tour of the Invenergy Grand Ridge Site on Monday morning.

What the battery storage allows for is a steady, committed, stepped output to the grid, which is very valuable to the grid operators and which makes the renewable energy production more valuable:

Grand Ridge

Monday’s route was a 99.2-mile trek from Ottawa, Illinois, East to Grand Ridge, then west all the way to Annawan.  Even though I had another 25 miles in my leg, I had to pull over for the evening as I had a Welcome Orientation Conference Webinar for our incoming Power and Controls Capstone Certificate students at 5:00.  Today, Tuesday, I am hoping to get in about 110 miles!  Furthermore, I will be biking along the Great American Mississippi route, so looking forward to that.


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