Even a Federal Inmate can be “Green”

On my 99-mile day (Tuesday) through Northwest Illinois, I came across several ‘distributed’ solar energy installations.  What ‘distributed’ solar energy means is that the facility, residence, or organization is using all of the generated solar energy in-house or ‘behind the wires.’  In the below photos, you will see that you can be a federal inmate and still be green!

Also, pleased to see distributed solar at a Fish and Wildlife Service Center along the Great River Trail:

DSC_0102Unlike wind energy in certain aspects is that solar has a much wider range in economically feasible possibilities, from a simple 3-kW, residential, rooftop system; to a 35-kW, battery backup system at #SolarParaNinos; to 20+ MW, utility-scale systems.  Through this #BikeTheSun odyssey, I’ll be visiting and discussing all of these systems.

Today (Wednesday), it is a trip north touching Dubuque and then into Southwestern Wisconsin and Mount Hope Solar in addition to the area where Badger Hollow is proposed to be developed.

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