e-Powered Transport — Is the Future Here?

Happy to report that I was able to visit Bob, Alicia, and their great team at Ethos Green Power in Viroqua.  They represent one of the many small businesses that have grown over the years to provide reliable, economical, and renewable solar power system design and installation services across America.  You probably did not know that solar power installers and wind turbine technicians are two of the fastest growing job classifications in the United States.


What was of great interest to me was having my e-touring bike charging next to Alicia’s Chevy Bolt — while you probably see Tesla and other e-Vehicle stories in the paper all the time, what you may not know is that e-Assist bikes are rapidly growing in sales across the U.S.  With my e-Bike (on loan from Trek), with just $0.14 of electricity per day, I can cover 100 miles or so with this battery assist.  In my case, for every 300 W of torque that I apply to the pedals, the battery provides another 50%, or 150 W.  That is, I put in 2/3 of the energy and the battery puts in 1/3 of the power, which is a very powerful boost.  While e-Autos occupy only a niche to date (and which are not helped by policies such as “Make Cars Great Again”), this is one of the pathways to a cleaner transport sector.


If you like high-quality, organic coffee, Kickapoo Coffee from Viroqua may be for you.  Not only do they produce the highest of quality of organic coffee, but they also do it with solar power!  One of the many examples of socially conscious small businesses across America.

Kickapoo Coffee

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