Hogar Albergue para Niños Jesús de Nazaret

Hogar Albergue para Niños Jesús de Nazaret is a non-profit shelter for physically abused children in Puerto Rico. It is located in Cerro Las Mesas in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

Founded in 1995, the mission of the home is to provide shelter, food, transportation, health, education, recreation, social and psychological services to children who are victims of abuse, referred by the Department of the Family. It serves newborns to 11 year-olds, and is licensed to serve 14 children. Currently it hosts eleven 3- to 9-year olds and three infants.

The Board of Directors supports the efforts and the cost of running the shelter with paid staff. At the moment, it is run with a 24 hour rotating staff of 21 employees. Having paid staff extends the shelter’s ability to help 21 additional families that depend on the salaries and benefits offered.

Currently, the shelter pays about $1,000 a month in energy costs. The installation of solar panels through Solar Para Niños is expected to cut the cost in half, allowing the center to invest more money in helping the children.

“The shelter is a non-profit, so if there’s nobody on the island who has the resources after the hurricane to support them, it’s even more important for them to have projects like this,” James Tinjum, who is organizing the installation project, said.

For more information about Hogar Albergue para Niños Jesús de Nazaret, visit hogarjesusdenazaret.org/es.